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Purifit Shower and Tap Filter for Hard Water – Removes Chlorine & Reduces Hairfall -Vitamin C layer (Two Cartridges)



Purifit 10 Stage Advanced Filter for Shower & Taps is the most wonderful water filter that’s capable of getting fit on shower as well as taps.

Advanced Faucet Water Filter- Need of the hour

You may get the best of showers and faucets for your bathroom, but all of them are only good at enhancing your bathing experience and not filtering out the impurities from the running water. So, that’s where you need to be ahead and install an Advanced Faucet Water Filter.

With Purifit Advanced Filter for taps, you are assured of water that has undergone 10 stage filtration and is free from chlorine and unwanted hard water salts.

This filtered water further brings back the glow to your skin which is lost if continuously exposed to unfiltered water.

Enjoy added Vitamin-C filtration layer inside this Advanced Filter for Shower

But this Advanced Filter for Taps goes beyond just filtering and treats the water with an added Vitamin-C layer that reduces the hardness level of water and assures you of healthy hair follicles. When you have healthy hair follicles, you get rid of dandruff and hair discoloration.

Witness Bacteria free water with Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Moreover, the activated carbon layer of this Advanced Faucet Water Filter, easily removes bad odor and bacteria, thereby serving bacteria free water as well as smell free water.

So, it’s the best time to upgrade your skincare and hygiene regimen with Purifit’s Advanced Filter for Shower & Taps. It takes care and wins your trust every day.

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