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Purifit 15 Stage 3spray Multi Flow Shower Filter Cartridge




Now enjoy clean and pure water  for all year long with Shower Filter Cartridge by Purifit. Designed and tested to give the best performance, this special 15 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge is loaded with multiple filtration layers that purify water and instantly removes most of the impurities from the running water. Just forget bad hair days when you have Purifit Water Filter Cartridge that filters every drop of water that flows through your sensitive skin.

Good Quality Shower Filter Cartridge

This Shower Filter Cartridge is Super easy to place inside the shower filter and right after it gets placed, it starts giving the same benefits that you expect from a Good Quality 15 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge.

Shower Water Filter Cartridge that traps impurities

A Water Filter Cartridge gets rid of all the invisible impurities found in water. Rust, sand particles and hard water salts can harm anyone’s skin & can also damage the hair follicles. So, it’s always recommended to have a powerful Shower Filter Cartridge.

With Purifit Water Filter Cartridge you are always assured of bathing with clean water.


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