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Purifit 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water | Removes Chlorine | Reduces Hair fall | Free Tap Connector | 2 Year Warranty






Introducing Purifit 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water | Removes Chlorine | Reduces Hair fall.

Purifit shower tap filters, which are highly regarded for their excellent performance and affordability. These filters are equipped with a unique 15-stage filtration system that consistently provides purified water with a steady flow. Both professionals and consumers prefer Purifit products because they effectively conserve and enhance water quality. As a result, thousands of Purifit shower filters are sold every year.

Now, let’s discuss how Purifit removes chlorine and reduces the effects of hard-water salts on the skin and hair. Inside the filter, there are special layers that react with chlorine and hard-water salts (calcium and magnesium). These substances are transformed into harmless compounds. Chlorine is converted into chlorides through a process called kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF), while hard-water salts are reacted by poly-phosphate crystals, making them soluble in water. This ensures that these harmful substances are easily washed away and do not deposit on your hair and skin. Purifit offers an exclusive installation kit that comes with an installation video link and a user manual & user Guide.

Additionally, they provide a free tap connector that fits with most taps having a 24mm aerator (which approximately 95% of taps have). This means that the filter can be connected to any tap with ease. Furthermore, Purifit products come with a 2-year warranty and are compliant with European safety standards (ROHS CE certified). Some of the key features of these filters include reduced hair fall, softer skin, and improved skin texture (thanks to the vitamin C layer). The filters also ensure chlorine-free water, remove lime scale from the bathroom, and prevent bacteria and fungi.

In conclusion, Purifit shower tap filters have earned their reputation for performance and affordability. They effectively remove chlorine and reduce the impact of hard-water salts on hair and skin, providing a more enjoyable and healthier shower experience.

For Installation Please Watch this Video : – https://youtu.be/eQoAr82lwMk

Note : – PURIFIT is not intended to reduce TDS or turbidity in colored or cloudy 

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