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Purifit 15 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge to Remove Hard Water & Chlorine




  • High Water Output Keep your water pressure with high water flow output. This hard water shower filter works with water from 41°F to 140°F. Click add to cart to get your filter today
  • Long Lasting Built to last, high capacity cartridge offers up to 60,000 liters/6 months. Replacing the cartridge is extremely easy. It will only take a minute and anybody can do it
  • Healthy Glowing Skin Dramatically improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails and will reduce dry itchy skin and other skin irritations, keep your hair color and perms longer. Plus, our Kdf complies with NSF 177 standards, meaning its safer to use
  • Clean Soft Water Removes more than 99% of chlorine, contains Kdf 55 + Calcium Sulfide, which makes the water cleaner and softer and are more effective than activated carbon at reducing chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides and inhibiting the growth of scale, algae, fungi and mold. Our shower filter contain Double the amount of Kdf compared to others filters
  • Easy T0 Install Very easy to install, no leaks, works with all shower types and no tools are required for installation. The universal valve has 360º rotations for best position of the shower head


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