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Shiny and properly ironed clothes make one look dapper at all times. But with time these clothes start fading and we all think that its normal. Well, there’s something that harms your clothes right while they are getting washed- Hard Water.

Washing Machine Filter that removes hard water salts

Yes, you read that right. Hard water causes fading and eventually you observe limescales on your clothes. And the best way to save your clothes from hard water deposits- Purifit Advanced Washing Machine Filter.

This filter is powered by high grade polyphosphate crystals that remove hard water salts and other impurities that are found in running water. And this feature further assures you that your clothes retain their natural color, softness and smoothness.

Washing Machine Water Filter that saves against high maintenance costs

Moreover, this washing machine water filter goes on to save the washing machine from any kind of limescale deposits that eventually harm the parts and force for high maintenance costs. So, with this washing machine filter you are assured of twin benefits, one for your clothes and the other for the smooth running of your washing machine.

Maybe none of us will ever be sure about how clean is the water that’s supplied to our homes. That’s where this Purifit Washing Machine Pump Filter comes to your rescue and saves your time and maintenance costs that otherwise go into repairing of washing machine.

Washing Machine Filter with High Performance up to 6 months

And yes, its super easy to install the Purifit Washing Machine Water Filter that’s capable of serving high performance up to 6 months through the special cartridge fit inside it.

If you love watching a DIY video before installation, then please find the link shared in the user manual gifted to you with the box.

(NOTE: The box will always have 1 Purifit Washing Machine Filter, 2 Silicon Rings and 1 Teflon tape. And now it’s time for you to rise and shine with nicely washed clothes.)



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