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Purifit Washing Machine Filter Cartridge




Washing Machine Filter Cartridge with Incredible Performance

Save your clothes against fading by installing the Purifit Washing Machine Filter Cartridge that inactivates hard water salts, limescale and so much more.

Grabbing all attention by shining every time? Thanks to your decision of buying a Purifit Washing Machine Filter. By now so many of you have witnessed how the washing machine filter gets rid of limescales from your water and how it saves your clothes from getting faded. So far so good. But do you know who’s the real hero behind this incredible performance?


This Cartridge filters water through the polyphosphate crystals and inactivates the hard water salts as well as it also reduces the flow of lime scales onto your clothes. Thus, you are assured of the same softness and shine that you loved when you bought your new dress.

It’s because of the Purifit Washing Machine Filter Cartridge that the parts of your washing machine are saved from limescale deposits that otherwise lower the machine’s performance.

That’s why it is recommended to replace the washing machine filter cartridge after every 9 months, in order to gain the best performance.

(NOTE: Based on the washing frequency and load capacity, the time to replace the filter may sometimes also go beyond 9 months.)

And the best part- Its easy to install and that too without the use of any kind of tools.

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