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Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Cartridge



Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge by Purifit is Powerful, Chic and full of rich features.

It purifies water by filtering Sediments, Carbon and Alkaline. These features go on to deliver clean water every time you empty a glass of water to quench your thirst.

Trust the Best Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge

An Alkaline Cartridge is like the soul of an alkaline filter pitcher and replacing it is super easy.

It fits nicely at the bottom center of the filter and removes many of those physical impurities that are usually invisible to us. So, it’s always recommended to trust the best alkaline filter cartridge that keeps intact the efficiency and performance of the filter.

Get assured of Pure Drinking Water with Purifit Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge

This Alkaline Water filter cartridge comes nicely enclosed within a plastic case and filters every drop of drinking water that passes through it. With Purifit’s Alkaline Cartridge, you are always assured of clean and pure water that’s made fit for drinking and consumption for all of your family members.


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