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about us

Established in the year of 2018! We are the best sellers regarding the filters for your household purposes. We have worked immensely to achieve our name in this field. 

Purifit is here to provide the best filters that give the best solution for receiving the safe & clean water to your home and workplaces! These filters reduce the effects of hard-water on skin and hair and removes dirt, limescale and other chemicals that are dissolved in the water . Thus  providing you fresh, clean and safe water for your daily needs especially for your washing and bathing purposes. 

By using our filter products we promise you hygiene ! 

Our Mission

Purifit filters are effective in eliminating toxins including chlorine and effects of hard-water  and other harmful substances. Long-term exposure to such chemicals  can cause different types of cancer and skin issues. Purifit seeks to provide consumers the showerfilters which produce the clean water to improve their quality and way of life. 

Our Story

Glad to say that we are successfully delivering Purifit products through Amazon and 10,000 + products have been sold out! Recently we have started delivering products through our own eCommerce site.


Our Approach

Everyone needs healthy, nice tasting water that won’t harm your health and daily life . To several households, a home with a proper shower filter helps to provide clean water free from pollutants, odors, lead as well as other potentially harmful chemicals. Regardless of the fact that all of these filters appear to be similar, there are major variations between certain styles and brands.

If you’ve ever considered buying a water filtration device for your home or workplace,you can contact us!  

Our Philosophy

This has been our priority for many years to remind our clients and people about the condition of our water today. Here Purifit filters help you to bath and wash safely in a proper hygienic way! 

It is also the passion of Purifit to market goods that reflect our environmental interests, such as water conservation at home and around the world, the removal of water bottles, the reduction of the carbon footprint, sustainable practices and the recovery of taps with cost-effective purifying water. We are getting closer to our vision one product at a time. 

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