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With a commitment to excellence established in 2018, Purifit stands as a beacon of reliability and efficacy in the realm of household filtration solutions. At Purifit, we are dedicated to providing top-notch filtration solutions to ensure you have access to safe and clean water at home and in your workplace. Utilizing chlorine filters for showers produces non-scaling, mineral-enriched, anti-oxidant, alkaline water for health and well-being. Our bathroom water filters are designed to combat the effects of hard water on your skin and hair while removing impurities, dirt, and chemicals dissolved in the water, ultimately providing you with fresh, clean, and safe water for all your needs.

Diverse array of filter options tailored to meet your specific needs

Shower & Tap Filters

Upgrade your shower and tap experience with Purifit’s Shower Water Filter for hard water. Say goodbye to the adverse effects of hard water on your skin and hair. Our advanced filtration technology significantly reduces chlorine levels and minimizes the impact of hard water, providing you with cleaner, softer water for a rejuvenating shower experience. This unique shower filter for hard water is a solution specially designed for the challenges posed by Indian water quality. The filters convert hard water-causing calcium and magnesium salts and chlorine into stable and less reactive compounds. With an advanced filtration system, it ensures improved water quality and reduced effects on skin and hair. Shower filter cartridge life extends over 6-8 months.

Shower Head Filters

Revitalize your shower routine with Purifit’s Shower Head Filters. Designed to combat the challenges posed by hard water, our water filter for shower heads promises a significant reduction in chlorine and other impurities. 

This shower water softener filter is not designed to reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or turbidity (coloured/cloudy water) but only reduce the effects of hardness and other impurities. Enjoy the benefits of cleaner, healthier skin and hair with our shower water softener filter. The cartridge life of our Shower Head filter is about 6 months.

Washing Machine Filter

Experience the difference with Purifit’s Washing Machine Filter. Protect your washing machine from corrosion and breakdowns caused by hard-water salts, while also ensuring your fabrics retain their color and softness. Our washer filter with a unique filtration system, powered by polyphosphate crystals, effectively removes limescale deposits and extends the lifespan of your washing machine. The life of our washing machine filter cartridge spans 6-8 months.


Maintain the efficiency of your Purifit filters with our replacement cartridges. These filters, essential in their functionality, are far more than just water filtration system components. Designed for convenience, our filter cartridge ensure continued filtration effectiveness for your washing machine and shower filters. Keep your water pure and your filters working optimally with Purifit cartridges. Physical filters also help to remove particles such as sediment, rust and small contaminant particles.

Kitchen Faucets

Elevate your kitchen hygiene with Purifit’s Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets. Our new kitchen faucet offers temperature flexibility, dual-mode spray heads, and easy installation for added convenience in your kitchen. The faucet saves up to 70% water compared to the traditional one. This swivel faucet attachment is designed with two independent axes of rotation, allowing it to rotate 720°, allowing you to easily clean any corner of the sink

The purifit shower filters come with a replaceable cartridge inside. The cartridge life is 6 months. During this time, the cartridge needs to be replaced for the filter to work efficiently. Please note that the water hardness and quality can affect the cartridge life. Upgrade your water quality today with Purifit’s range of premium and best water filtration systems. 

At Purifit, our philosophy revolves around promoting health, hygiene, and environmental sustainability– contact Purifit today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future. 


Experience the difference with Purifit – Your Solution for Clean Water!
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