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PURIFIT 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water and Chlorine Removal with Vitamin C & E(Black) (Copy)



Let’s upgrade hygiene for skin and hair with the Best Shower filter for Chlorine removal.

Most of the people realize the harmful hardness of water only when they witness skin rashes and unexpected hair fall. And this issue is all about the water that you bathe with. So, why not find the most suitable solution to these problems?

Best Shower Filter for Hard Water suited for Indian Water

Here we bring you Purifit 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water and Chlorine Removal.

Backed by multiple testing and experimentations, this hard water shower head quickly filters the water supplied by the pipelines. Moreover, this is especially suited for Indian Water that must always be filtered and softened against all micro particles that gradually harm skin texture and hair follicles.

Softens Shower Water up to 70,000 liters

So, with this Hard water shower head you are guaranteed clean & filtered water for up to 70,000 liters of water flow. What makes it a clear winner is its capability to soften shower water by filtering out chlorine, hard water particles. This feat is performed by all the 15 layers of the shower cartridge and specially by the polyphosphate crystals inside the cartridge of this Shower Filter for Chlorine removal.

Best Shower Filter with High-Capacity 

Plus, it also assures you of high-capacity water flow by filtering water ranging from 5⁰ Celsius to 70⁰ Celsius. Isn’t that wonderful?

And never worry about replacing the cartridge inside this shower filter. It takes only 3 minutes to install and you are all set to feel the magic of soft water on your hair and skin. Even your family will thank for this shower filter that softens shower water in no time.

Your trust and continuous support have truly made this the Best Shower filter for hard water.


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