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Purifit Black Shower and Tap Filter


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Purifit Black Shower Filter for Healthier hair & skin, chlorine-free

Reduces Effects of Hard Water

For Hot and Cold Water

Enhance Hair and Skin

Removes Limescale

15 Layered Filter

8 Months Cartridge Life

58 in stock

Purifit Black Shower Filter. Before and After Use of Purifit Black Shower Filter

Reduces Skin & Hair Irritation

With Multiple Layers of filtration in this shower filter, you rest assured that your skin and hair receive clean water that’s free from contaminants and untreated minerals found in running water. 


Removes Hard Water & Chlorine

Chlorine is generally added by municipal authorities to disinfect water. But in the long run your skin feels itchy and dry if chlorine and hard water substances deposit on your skin. Best way to combat such problems is to have Purifit Black Shower Filter for Chlorine Removal.


Makes Shower Water Hygienic

Purifit Shower Filter is made for hot as well as cold water and the presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin E layers in its filter cartridge makes it all the more special. It’s because the filtered water passes through Vitamin E balls and gets enriched with vitamins that are good for skin and hair. 


Purifit 15 Stage Black Shower Filter

Most people realise the harmful hardness of water only when they experience skin rashes and unexpected hair fall. And this issue gets solved by Water Softeners like Purifit 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water & Chlorine Removal. 


Does this Shower Filter clears Hard Water?

Through a chemical process that converts calcium and magnesium salts into stable compounds, this shower filter prevents the formation of limescale and reduces their adverse impact on surfaces such as hair and skin. Moreover, this fantastic Purifit Shower Filter is especially suited for Indian Water that must always be filtered and softened against all micro particles that gradually harm skin texture and hair follicles.


Is this Shower Filter good to use for sensitive skin?

Yes. Its filtration makes sure that water is safer to be used by people with oily or dry skin. Even your family will thank Purifit for this shower filter that softens shower water in no time. Plus, it also enriches the water when water passes through the layers of Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E that add the vitamins to water and give you healthy glowing skin.


How does Purifit Shower and Tap Filter softens the Shower Water

This Shower Filter eliminates chlorine and filters the water for impurities. The filter significantly enhances overall water quality, providing increased comfort and well-being. This feat is performed by all the 15 layers of the shower cartridge and specially by the polyphosphate crystals inside the cartridge of this Shower Filter reduce the calcium and magnesium salts that are harmful for skin and hair..

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13 reviews for Purifit Black Shower and Tap Filter

  1. Saby

    I was looking for a product like this for long time. Since I stay in Bangalore and water quality is very poor, high stain, salty which caused massive hair fall and skin rashes.I am writing this review after using for 6 months.This product really got resolved my water related problems.Hair fall reducedSkin rashes rid offClothes and other products such as plastic, steel also not getting stain.Overall satisfied

  2. Abhishek

    This product has best roi as compared to other similar brands

  3. Jhankar agrawal

    Excellent product, easy to install, helps alot.

  4. Ramani vivek

    likely feature is remove chlorine from water and makes environment friendly.value for money

  5. Reshma Tajer

    it is an excellent product for anyone affected by hard water and chlorine.It reduces the amount of these substances in your shower and tap water ,making it safer and more pleasant to use.It also improve the taste of your water and prevents the buildup of limescale and scale deposits.Its very easy to install and is very effective in removing hard water and chlorine from my shower and tap.

  6. Arjun

    Great product! Additionally, customer support was helpful in explaining and installing. Recommending this one for sure, and would love to explore more products from this seller.

  7. kunal

    The filters works fine and fits perfectly

  8. SB

    Cartridge is in a black cylindrical cover. This cover and the top of the filter that is to be connected to bathroom tap are not one piece. The cylindrical cover keeps rotating even after the top of filter has been tightened to bathroom tap. There is a gap that also needs tape to be applied to seal it, otherwise water keeps leaking at this joint at the top of filter. Overall, nice device. Need to observe for some time to see results.

  9. sundar

    It solved my purpose, removed the hardness in the water and my skin looks very nice

  10. Ankit

    The overall experience was good , the product is useful and does work me ,it’s reduced the TDS of the water and that was my intended purpose.

  11. Goutham

    Works well with hardwater

  12. Nandan

    I have used this product for over one week and my skin irritation is gone, my hair looks softer. I recommend this product to all whoever facing issue with hard water.

  13. admin_purift

    Very good product, installation is easy and fast. filters working good condition, everybody should BUY it and USE it.

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Purifit Black Shower Filter
Purifit Black Shower Filter
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Purifit Black Shower and Tap Filter