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Purifit Lavender Flavoured Shower Filter

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Transform your Daily Shower into Glow and Shiny Hair and Skin


Reduces effects of Hard Water

Protects Hair and Skin

Better Hair Health

Removes Chlorine

Lavender Refreshment

Balances Minerals

16 in stock

Purifit Lavender Flavoured Shower Filter


Introducing the Purifit Lavender Flavoured Shower Filter
A harmonious blend of luxury and wellness for your daily shower experience. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of lavender-infused water, transforming your routine into a spa-like indulgence.

Revolutionary Technology for Skin and Hair:- Targets chemicals causing skin irritation and beauty challenges.
Enhances the maintenance of shiny hair and glowing skin.
Multiple-stage filtration reduces sediment, chlorine, and dirt, preventing scaly buildup on the skin.

Tested Using Indian Water:- Rigorously tested with Indian water to ensure optimal performance.
Elevate every shower to a refreshing and cleansing experience. Leaves you feeling rejuvenated and helps prevent dryness.

Temperature Compatibility:- Works efficiently with water temperatures ranging from 5-70 degrees Celsius.

Easy Installation:- No plumber needed; installation manual included for a hassle-free setup.
Detailed explanation provided for seamless connection to your shower.

High Capacity Cartridge:- Premium plastic construction.
High-capacity cartridge provides up to 40,000 liters of filtered water, equivalent to approximately 6 months of use.

Quick Cartridge Replacement:- Replacing the cartridge is extremely easy and takes only 3 minutes.

Box Content:-

1 Flavor Filter
1 Flavor Cartridge
1 User Manual

Certifications and Memberships:


Note : – PURIFIT is not intended to reduce TDS or turbidity in coloured or cloudy
Purifit Lavender Flavoured Shower Filter
Purifit Lavender Flavoured Shower Filter
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Purifit Lavender Flavoured Shower Filter
Original price was: ₹1,599.00.Current price is: ₹1,549.00.