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Skin Benefits of Shower Filter

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We’re taking a shower to get clean, but if you’ve ever thought how pure your shower water is? When you scrub, cleanse, and exfoliate dust and dirt from your body, your shower head is literally spraying yourself with water loaded with chemicals.

It might cause a variety of health issues, from dryness and inflammation of the skin to life-threatening diseases.

In addition to general health consequences of bathing in toxin-rich water, the cosmetic implications are catastrophic, particularly for anyone with normally curly locks .

It is also appropriate to use shower filters, and below are the advantages and skin benefits of shower filters for daily life

Healthy Skin & Healthy Hair

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The problem with creating trace amounts of chlorine in your shower water is that it binds to the skin, eliminates moisture, and disrupts the balance of the required, beneficial bacteria in your body.

This can lead to dry, itchy skin. It may also contribute to premature symptoms of ageing, such as discoloration and aging. A shower filter neutralises the toxins, keeps the skin with a healthy softness, and lustre that is visible even the first time you use it.

For Hair

It’s the same with your hair. Chlorine strips natural oils that moisturise hair follicles and tends to leave the hair dry, bushy and scalp distressed.

Shower filters will preserve the natural glow and strength of your hair, soaking up frizz and growing elasticity.

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What makes Purifit filters different from other filters?

Purifit Filter – Activated Carbon layer

  • Activated carbon  is most effective at removing chlorine, particles such as sediment, organic compounds , taste and odor from water. 
  • It also has antibacterial properties.

Purifit Filter – Vitamin C layer

  • In Purifit,  it is included in one layer of Vitamin C layer by adding Vitamin C balls into the cartridge. 
  • These balls will be coated with a special layer to decrease the rate at which it dissolves in water. 
  • Ensuring that it will last to 5-6 months.

Installing a shower filter avoids breathing issues

Inhaling chlorine continuously when showering can accelerate the development of side effects of asthma and bronchitis in both adults and children.

Trying to remove chlorine from water reduces these risks and avoids damage to the lungs. Any toxic chemicals contained in hard water also pose a health risk if they are not isolated from the water, by mostly means of these filters 


In your bathing area, shower filters lessen excessive material build-up

Most of these shower filters are not very good for your physical wellbeing, but ideal for your bathroom as well. 

Chlorine and salt build-up throughout the valves including corners of the bathroom is aided by the repeated use of unfiltered water and take showers. Using such a filter will strip some of this build-up first, so that every week you do not need to clean your shower room.

You might think that including a relaxing intimate wash will fix all the problems of irritation and scratching for all the sensitive parts of the body, however the main villain may be your shower water. Using a shower filtration system will provide a great deal of relief if you suffer discomfort and itchiness in the sensitive areas of the body in which even skin is sensitive.

Even so, these are among the main benefits of even a shower head filter that will help you determine how to get such filters for your home. It’s a cheap and effective way to keep your shower body moisturized and germ-free, but then one of those shower filters will greatly help any wash!

Protect the Lungs!

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In chlorinated water, showering leads you to the dangerous chemical chloroform.

Whenever the shower begins producing steam, this occurs, converting the chlorine to chloroform. It might lead to asthma , bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Researches have already shown that having a shower can lead to various types of cancers in chlorinated water, and chlorine has now been classified as a carcinogen.

So if we have a proper shower filter for your bathing purpose you can be tension free.

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They are highly cost-effective and quick to replace.

Whether you are imagining that it is costly to add shower head water filters and they can be hard to repair, you are incorrect.

Many shower filters are extremely inexpensive and provide adequate protection from unfiltered water’s harmful effects.

They still last and have been for some time, but once they start losing their filtering power, they are easy to replace.

Feel the Shower filters

Toxicity to chlorine can cause physical weakness, a major illness, and reduced immune function, rendering it harder for the body to avoid allergic reactions and viral infections. 

A shower filter would get out of those extreme vapours, reinforcing your immune system, and really invigorating your body.


The use of shower filters decreases the risk of certain cancers.

Researches have already shown that chlorine contained in unfiltered water is absorbed by the skin and persistent absorption can contribute to an increased risk of cancer.

Toxicity to chlorinated water is more harmful than consuming unfiltered tap water, researchers also have said.

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Long-lasting Hair Colour!

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Although a few washes would be enough to fade away some shine in the hair in chlorine-infused water / hard water, and another few washes will impact colour saturation.

It can transform pretty hair into dull hair, but even the most natural-looking, polished blondes into pond-water blondes. 

Chlorine is the hair’s enemy. By removing the harsh chemicals that strip hair colour and render hair look dull and dry, bathing hair in shower filters water helps textures, streaks and colour last much longer.

Shower filters stop air pollution within your homes.

The pollutants released in the water enter the air within your rooms whenever you step outside the shower and keep the door open, and may cause several other problems for other house members as well, particularly if you have a child and an elder with low immunity in the home. 

The installation of shower filters in your home showers considerably enhances your home’s indoor environmental quality.

Filtered water decreases fatigue and increases levels of energy.

Chlorinated water is notorious for causing exhaustion and it helps to bring back the lost energy levels by using a shower filter to eliminate chlorine. 

There are several studies that show that in just a few weeks, using a shower filter for hard water will help you feel productive and safe. In the long term, it also increases your immunity.


  • The chances of bladder and breast cancer are decreased by showering in chlorine-free, filtered water.
  • Since chlorine is a major cause of fatigue, taking showers in filtered, chlorine-free water leads to higher amounts of energy, and higher health overall.
  • The elimination of chlorine from showering water contributes in the house to improved air quality.
  • The need for expensive lotions and moisturizers is significantly reduced whenever the body is capable of maintaining its own moisturizers.
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