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How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains?

What's Hard Water?

Hard water is present in 85% of countries like India, America etc. Hard water is generally characterised as having significant amounts of calcium and magnesium; the higher the density of these minerals, the harder the water.

Hard water is the water with a higher than normal mineral content. Hard water contains concentrations of magnesium & calcium. Hard water stains occur once hard (mineral-rich) water evaporates, leaving a grim residue on the surfaces. 

Most commonly, in the shower, users will find hard water stains on glass, marble, tile and metal surfaces. You can also notice hard water spots on your plates and clothes.

How to Eliminate Water Stains?

Did your once bright white bathtub or shower gradually become dirty and grimy? 

Do you sweep and scrub the filthy areas with no luck at all? Most definitely, the guilty party responsible for your perpetual shower dirt is hard water stains.

That’s not harmful to human health, but water quality makes soap and water less productive. Your dingy tub does not have to be a major change; you need to just know how and when to remove hot water stains. 

Whether you’re curious how to wash your hair in hard water stains, users can solve the issue with a few natural cleaners.

  1. Begin by combining half of the water and half of the vinegar in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the solution in your bathtub and shower, and wait several minutes to rinse it.

You should also simply remove hard water stains with such a paste made of vinegar and baking soda.

  1. Splatter the paste over the top of the stain and let it rest for 15 min.
  2. While mixing up, clean the scrub and rinsing.It ‘s crucial which you wipe dry immediately because you wouldn’t want the water being on the sparkling clean surface.

Eventually, you should try to cure hard water stains through using lemon juice.

  1. Sprinkle the new lemon juice on a rough water scale above the faucets.
  2. After 10 minutes, rinse. Again, remember to clean the place.

Trying to keep up with a household cleaning routine that could be quite a chore with hectic schedules that we keep running. The easiest way to get rid of your hard water stains.

Issue with hard water laundry

  • Dinginess, greying, or yellowing of the fabric.
  • Put up the soil on clothes that don’t wash away.
  • Stiff, difficult to handle fabrics.
  • Having washing machine, then use washing machine filters

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  • A weakness of the fibres that is causing tears.
  • White or grey stripes on coloured fabrics.

How else is hard water shows its impact on the body?

Although hard water can be safe to drink, the impact of hard water on the hair , skin, and outside of the body is a different matter. 

Taking the hard water shower can trigger “hard water skin” and “hard water hair” where water can decrease moisture and carry the film behind, making them feel less clean to the touch. 

This can cause dandruff in your hair and infuriate and worsen dry skin conditions like eczema.


How to Pick and Use Wash Detergents in Hard Water

In hard water, almost all of the components in any powdered laundry detergent are added to the minerals instead of washing the clothing.

This ensures that up to thirty percent more detergent should be used and, at a higher temperature of the water than normal, satisfactory washing results must be obtained. 

And using more detergent is expensive because higher temperatures will hurt clothes and spend more money on energy bills.

Choose better washing machine filters that truly eliminate the chlorine and hard water.

How can I find a hard water solution?

That now you understand the advantages and disadvantages, you can determine what other kind of water you want most in your life. 

Purifit filtres will help you find the right balance by filtering your water and offering a suitable solution.

7 Benefits of a Good shower Filter

good shower filter
photo by torwaiphoto

Long Showers. Good Music. Deep Thoughts.

A good shower time is waiting for you.

Wanna have a 10 Minute shower ?

Or a 5 Minute One ?

Well, all of us have our own versions of rich shower experiences.
We even look up for a fresh shower at the start of a new day.
And also a soothing shower after a long working day.

How cool is it that our shower solves it all within a few moments.

By the way, we even love how millennials and the younger ones love playing rock songs during a shower! And the mood lifts up with good vibes.
That’s the magic a shower does for you.

hard water shower filter
photo by v.ivash

But there’s more to the shower than these happy scenes. It’s something that’s not visible to us. And yes we mean it.

Today’s blog post is specially curated by Purifit  team to help you and your family learn the benefits of buying a good shower filter.

Welcome back and we hope you are in good health.

So, the point is, a million gallons of water is supplied by a huge network of municipal water supply systems that are well connected to your homes. And every day we use this water for so many times. During washing, during bathing, etc.

But what gains importance is the water that we use for our bathing. 

Because your lovely shower, sprinkles you with water that flows all through your body. And there are pretty good chances that it has hard water elements and chlorine in it.

We even go a step further to ensure our shiny new showers are cleaned every month. 

Well, that serves very little to the ill effects of water on our skin and hair.

So, what’s the easiest way out?


And why should you buy a shower filter? Because, after reading this blog, dedicated to shower filter benefits, you’ll happily buy one.

So, let’s start.

Provides Soft & Clean Skin

Our skin is exposed to a lot of germs, bacteria, airborne pollutants and even to the build-up of dead skin cells. 

We wash it, we apply cleansers, moisturizers and the list goes on. 

In simple words, we spend a lot on beauty products that promise of skin softness.

But all of them have no use, if your skin is not washed properly with soft water that keeps your skin hydrated. And a shower filter comes to the rescue.

Shower Filter has an alkaline layer that improves the pH level of water and thereby it keeps your facial skin and whole skin texture smooth

Because it helps in perfect removal of dirt, oil and other unwanted elements that make your skin dry and rough

healthy family
photo by senivpetro

And its’ useful for everyone in your family.From kids to spouse and parents, all of them need water that’s free of contaminants and takes care of their health.

Removes Chlorine From Water

If you remember, we were always asked by our parents, coaches and science teachers to get a shower after getting out from the pool.

Ever thought why a shower after swimming is necessary?

Its’ because the pool water is treated with chlorine.
Chlorine is used for disinfection of water. 

And chlorine is also used by the municipal authorities to treat water and disinfect it.

But large amount of chlorine is harmful for your skin, scalp, hair, eyes and lungs.

Chlorine kills the good bacteria and natural oils needed by our skin to maintain softness and smoothness.
It leads to dry skin, acne problems, itchiness and rashes. 

Well, a shower filter helps in reducing this chlorine from water. 

Because it is equipped with a Chlorine Removal Layer that removes up to 95% of chlorine and other bacteria from water. This layer efficiently employs KDF Technology (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) for chlorine removal on a daily basis.

And, thereby you get sure that the water is safe for bathing purpose and there are very few chances of dry skin and other skin diseases.

water filter prevents hair fall
photo by user18526052

Reduces Hair-fall & Dandruff

We have seen our friends and close ones going through hair fall at a very early age. 

While some may attribute it to heredity, but there are strong reasons of water having a major role in Hair-fall, Discoloration and Dandruff.

Hard Water leaves a lot of unwanted minerals on your scalp, which ultimately get trapped. Thereby causing dehydration of scalp and roughness of hair.

Even Chlorine has a role to play, here too.

Regular exposure to chlorine, causes damage to the hair follicles that hold your hair. 

These hair follicles lose the nourishment they need and you see hair-falling off from your head. All because of chlorine that sucks out natural oils needed by hair and skin.

It even leads to dandruff-like symptoms. 

So, its’ quite clear that you need a shower filter that fights hair-fall, dandruff and grey hair issues.

And why a shower filter?

Its’ because of the strong presence of Vitamin-C layer and also the very important Hardness Removal Layer.

How do they help?

Well, Vitamin-C filter layer effectively removes chloramide & chlorine, by neutralizing them.

And to your surprise, Vitamin-C is very rich when it comes to fighting hair issues.

Its antioxidant properties help fighting dandruff. And Vitamin-C produces protein that enhances hair growth and also fights against the effects of UV Rays.

On the other hand, Hardness removal filter, reduces the mineral content of water that damages your scalp. It ensures that your hair receives soft water that maintains its gloss and shine.

water filter gives you healthy skin
Photo by Daniyal Khalil

Maintains Strong Water Pressure

Hard Water contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals that lead to the formation of scales or say off-white chalky layer inside the shower as well as also on the shower head’s opening.

In some cases, this off-white formation is also visible on the shower arm.

This lime scale results in inconsistent water pressure and in longer term it means spending more money on replacing the shower heads.

And you have to again take a trip to the bathroom fittings supplier and even hire a plumber to fix it.

Whoof ! We understand that all of us have other important things in life to focus on. Why waste time here? 

Well, a shower filter solves all this for you. 

All the micro particles, hard water salts and sediments are collected by the stainless steel mesh present in the filter. 

The Filter is even equipped with 2 Stages of Polypropylene Cotton Layer at the start and at the end, which ensures full removal of unwanted particles from the water.
In all, it saves you money and time. 

And gives consistent output and flow of purified water.

So, now you know that a good shower filter is value for money because it cares for your bathroom and the water you use daily.

shower filter for your bathroom

Prevents Bad Odor from Water

You’ll often get suggested for buying an activated carbon filter that helps in air purification as well as they also help combat pollutants and bad odors.

But their individual pricing is too high, regardless of the multiple benefits they provide.
But wait….


This activated carbon layer:

  • Removes Bad odor, Pungent smell
  • Prevents Bacteria Growth
  • Traps Harmful Organic Compounds, and
  • Removes pesticides, herbicides, too

So many benefits in one pack of shower filter.

And buying a shower filter proves to be an all in one deal to have a healthy shower time at any time.

bad odor caused by hard water
Photo by Adrian Swancar 

Protects from Cancer & Serious Health Problems

This is the most important role of water shower.

We’ll rather say, it deserves topmost priority.

Although not visible to the naked eye, but there are heavy metals too in the water.  Heavy Metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. that can cause serious damage to skin, eyes and they also contain cancer causing materials. 

Even World Health Organization has listed all these as Top 10 Chemicals of Major Public Health Concern.


water filter protects from health issues
photo by Yerson Retamal 

These toxic heavy metals get mixed with the water and have also been known to cause neurological issues in children. So, children are at higher risk of getting these diseases in long run.

Well, dangerous amounts of lead is collected in the water that’s sitting in the pipes overnight. That’s why it’s advisable to run tap for a few minutes before using the water for bathing. 

The source of lead is attributed to the home plumbing systems that experience corrosion by water.  

So, how does a Shower Filter helps in removing heavy metals?

Well, Shower Filters by Purifit have a “Heavy Metals Removal layer”. 

That’s quite effective in removing heavy metals like mercury, lead and iron to such an extent that they are deemed non-injurious while interacting with human body. 

This is the most important use of Shower Filters for water purification.

Helps in Proper Respiration

As we state again that removal of chlorine from water is very important considering the health of people of all ages.

Its’ due to the chlorine fumes from shower water that cause serious breathing problems. 

Source: http://www.bioray.com/content/Chlorine.pdf

Chlorine is a halogen. And inhalation of this halogen, irritates the walls of our respiratory system.

Even daily exposure to chlorine fumes from shower water can lead to asthama and bronchitis among other respiratory problems.

Source: https://realtytimes.com/advicefromtheexpert/item/48354-10-important-benefits-of-using-a-shower-filter

A shower filter prevents respiratory problems by removing 95% of chlorine from the water. Thereby, making shower water safe for bathing.

That’s the reason, why the chlorine removal layer in a shower filter goes a long way to safeguard you and your loved ones from untreated water.

N.B. Some studies have also shown that frequent swimmers and lifeguards at public pools with high levels of chlorine, face serious breathing problems

Source : https://www.webmd.com/asthma/news/20040611/chlorine-pools-breathing-trouble

water softeners helps proper respiration
Photo by dylan nolte


A Shower Filter from Purifit can be used with head showers and handheld showers too.

You just have to buy one from the comfort of your home and as soon as you get the delivery, you can easily fit the shower filters on the bathroom showers of all rooms.

Comes with a User Manual that makes it even faster to install one in your bathroom.

And ta-da. Congratulations. You made a good decision by buying a shower filter that takes care of you and your family’s health and hygiene.

purifit shower filter for har water

And here we leave with a fresh quote for you that’ll make you go for a shower asap and sing it out loud…

“Music and showers refresh like no other.” ~Alain Bremond-Torrent

Write to us anytime at this mail id: care@purifit.in

And we’ll get back to you with advice on using products that take care of your health while using water for bathing and other purposes.

Enjoy your Shower.

kid bathing shower filter



Disclaimer: This is a promotional content and helps with general knowledge of the public when it comes to using water for bathing and other uses. All the facts and statements presented here, are also available to the public at large on all the platforms, blogs, social media and wholly on internet. If you experience or even feel like experiencing any of the diseases and health issues stated here, please refer to a dermatologist. In no way should this material(blog) be substituted as a health advice.


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