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Impacts of Hard Water

Photo by Shridhar Vashistha

We can bet you have seen this white formation on the water taps and showerheads installed in your home.
And these are the only visible signs that make you ask yourself,

“Oh God. There’s a lot of cleaning to do.” 


It’s more than just cleaning. 

It’s something that groundwater gets while travelling through nature.
Today we’ll reveal what’s actually the reason behind it.
But before that let us remind you of our happiest memories.

Well, the earliest memory of our childhood, reminds us how our mothers and grandma used “Alum” or “Fitkari” (as it’s known all over India) to clean water from impurities. That’s a popular remedy that helped but there’s more to the water that we use today.


What is Hard Water ?

Photo by Erin O'Brien

The water on our earth moves through soil and rocks. And while travelling, the water gets dissolved with very small amounts of minerals. This water holds them all as solution.
Well, the two most common minerals that dissolve in water are-

And these minerals make water “hard”.
Thus the term, “Hard Water”.

N.B. The hardness in water goes up as the calcium and magnesium content amplifies. And there are other trace minerals too that get dissolved in water- iron, manganese, zinc and aluminium.

But again your mind pops up with a question:


Photo by Rohit Farmer

The truth is,

Hard water is safe to drink for now, but in longer term it will lead to problems that will prove to be costly and inconvenient.

Some of the very common impacts of hard water are:

Restricts flow of water

The magnesium and calcium carbonates dissolved in water gets deposited as off-white chalky solids (also called as scales) on the inside parts of water heaters and piping systems.

This scale grows hard with time and restricts the flow of water by pipes.

In simple words, Hard Water deposits clog plumbing and sanitary installations that ultimately requires pipe replacement and extra expenditure.

Photo by Allie

Water Spots on Dishes

It’s pretty common to notice white residue on our dishes even after good washing.
This is due to the hard water deposits that appear upon drying of the crockery items.

Those rough white spots make a bad impression when serving recently washed plates and bowls to our guests.

The same goes with hotels, restaurants and cafes too.

You may remove them by using a cleaning cloth. But, even after these preventions these ugly stains will cause wearing of cookware, cutlery and all other crockery equipment washed using hard water.

Photo by Tracey Hocking

Skin Irritation

Every morning we look up to the first shower that will refresh us for a new day.

But who knows that the water that greets our hair may cause skin irritation and other problems like eczema (found mostly in children).

Well, your skin may have resisted it.

But everyone’s skin has a different sensitivity towards water.

And when it’s Hard Water, we suggest you to install an easy to use water filter that’s specially made for showers and taps.

DID YOU KNOW: Hard Water creates a film on glass doors of shower space and also on shower walls and bath tubs

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden


It’s really good to get our water checked for its’ hardness.

But why?

Its’ because while bathing we use soap that pairs up with hard water.
This hard water leaves a film of sticky soap curd on your skin.And this soap curd goes on to make your hair dull, weak and tough to manage.

In some cases the hard water has also been found responsible for hair loss.Even the soap doesn’t lathers or rinses completely, giving way to flat hair.

But there’s more, that you have observed in daily life.Seen some people’s hair turning brownish with time.

Well, its’ not magic. Its’ because of hard water that these people have been using for a very-very long time.And this hard water has stolen their natural hair colour from them.

You can prevent any sort of that issue happening with you by making smart moves.

And what’s that?

When it’s Hard Water, we suggest you to install an easy to use premium water filter that’s specially made for showers and taps and has been ordered over 10,000 times online.


Photo by Tim Mossholder

Stains on Bathtub & sinks

A pure white bathtub and shiny sink.

You, me and everyone wants that forever.

But hard water has its’ own plans to leave a mark on our lovely bath ware.

Every time we use a bathtub, it receives plenty of water.
And day in and day out, we use it in the same way by filling it first, bathing and then draining out the water.

And suddenly one day you notice stains on your bathtub surface and also on your sinks.
Boom comes a shocker.

Well, its’ all due to the invisible hard water deposits left on these surfaces.
This calls for cleaning and rubbing these bath ware with a hard cloth/brush.

So much of time and effort lost in cleaning.

What’s the solution? Its’ simple. Use a filter that helps you get soft water flowing from the taps, hand showers and bathroom faucets.

Will help keep your bath tubs and sinks look like shiny new purchase.

Photo by fran hogan

Sore Throats

As we discussed in the beginning that hard water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and Aluminum etc.

And here you may have a valid question,

“Aren’t all these minerals good for our body?”

Yes, but only in a limited content.
As, the taste of hard water is quite different from soft water, so are its impact upon people’s dietary needs. To your surprise, some people even get sore throats from regular consumption of water that’s high on mineral content.

And in some cases even reports of kidney problems have been observed because of the patient drinking hard water for a very long term.


Photo by Johnny McClung

Clothes Feel Rough

Hard Water has a direct impact on your shirts, pants, jeans, etc.

As clothes and linen that are washed with hard water feel rough and leave a dull image.
Even when laundered in hard water the clothes may look dingy and will feel scratchy.
In some cases, even bad odors have been reported.

Its’ very important to note here that all these impact on clothes happen in longer term. In short term they’ll miss your eye.

But on the other side, even the water appliance have to use more energy with hard water, thereby leading to increased water bills.


Photo by Alexandra Gorn

Swimming Pools

The easiest way to know about hard water in swimming pool is by looking for a cloudy(milky) appearance of the water.

This is also known as turbidity. Turbidity forms because of insoluble carbonates present in the water. Its’ because of the pH being excessively high, i.e pH>7.6

That’s why chlorine is used in recommended amounts to treat this hard water.

And hard water is also the reason behind, why some people get skin irritation even after having a great time in the pool.

Photo by Dimitri Houtteman

Overheating in Boilers

Even inside the boiler, the hard water deposits impair the flow of heat towards the water.

This takes down the heating efficiency and leads to overheating of boiler components.
And this overheating results in failure of boiler and heat exchanges too.

In all, it becomes a huge cost expenditure that wastes a lot of time, effort and money.

Photo by Nick Cooper


Well, congratulations as now you have scored absolutely all strong points to defeat the motives of hard water.

And, here we are sharing our contact for you [email protected]
Feel free to connect with us anytime.

Purifit stands strong to help you drink clean water. We want you to perform the best, everywhere you go.

More power to you.


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