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Purifit Advanced Shower and Tap Filter with Extra cartridge

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Purifit Black Shower Filter for Healthier hair & skin, chlorine-free

Reduces effects of Hard Water

For Hot and Cold Water

Enhance Hair and Skin

Removes Limescale

10 Layered Filter

6 Months Cartridge Life

46 in stock

Purifit Advanced Shower and Tap Filter with Extra Cartridge

Purifit 10 Stage Advanced Filter for Shower & Taps is the most wonderful water filter that’s capable of getting fit on showers as well as taps.


Advanced Faucet Water Filter- Need of the hour

With Purifit Advanced Filter for taps, you are assured of water that has undergone 10 stage filtration and is free from chlorine and unwanted hard water salts. This filtered water further brings back the glow to your skin which is lost if continuously exposed to unfiltered water.

Advanced Shower Filter with Vitamin-C layer saves your hair

This filter treats the water with an added Vitamin-C layer that reduces the hardness level of water and assures you of healthy hair follicles. When you have healthy hair follicles, you get rid of dandruff and hair discoloration.

Removes Odour & Bacteria from Water

The activated carbon layer of this Advanced Faucet Water Filter, easily removes bad odour and bacteria, thereby serving bacteria free water as well as smell free water.


Purifit Advance Shower and Tap Filter

You may get the best of showers and faucets for your bathroom, but all of them are only good at enhancing your bathing experience and not filtering out the impurities from the running water. So, that’s where you need to be ahead and install an Advanced Faucet Water Filter.


Does this Water Filter remove Chlorine and Hard Water Salts

Water passes through 10 layers of this filter and as a result the water gets free from Chlorine, Heavy Metals and Hard Water Salts like calcium and magnesium. This filtration ensures your skin always gets water that’s safe and hygienic for bathing.


Does the filter save from Hair fall?

Even after removing hard water salts, the shower filter lets the water pass through the Vitamin-c layer that charges the water with vitamin that enriches hair growth. Removal of impurities and addition of vitamin-c ensures that your hair follicles are safe from chlorine and hard water that can result in hair fall, dry scalp and dandruff.


Can this filter be installed on Tap and Water?

Yes. This Advanced Filter can be used as a Tap Filter as well as a Shower Filter too. Plus, this Purifit filter can also be used with Handheld Showers. It’s really super easy to install this Filter on your shower or tap. Just follow the steps as shown in the Video Guide of User Manual and you’re good to go.


What is the Cartridge life of this shower filter?

This Shower and Tap filter comes with 2 Cartridges with 10 layers of filtration in them. And each cartridge has a life of 6 months.


Is the filter safe to use with a Shower?

Yes. It’s absolutely safe to use this shower filter. This filter even saves your shower head from getting limescale deposits. Limescale deposits on your shower head degrade the water quality and also degrade the shower head.

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11 reviews for Purifit Advanced Shower and Tap Filter with Extra cartridge

  1. Suman

    As of now the product is good,got 2 metal adapters so that it can fit to almost any metal tap .it has removed lots of bad stuffs from the water..so its MUST for everyone like me to have this filter on their shower who has bad chlorinated and hard water in their area. all those skin problems like pimples and all vanished after few months and now I can surely say that this is absolutely must have..

  2. Akshat Bhatnagar

    Value for money …easy to install

  3. Rashi

    It actually works in reducing the hardness

  4. vintee

    Nice one… effective results.

  5. Daisy Kaur

    Using for past 1 month. Clean water. No issues till now.

  6. Sai

    My hair fall has reduced after installing purifit. Thankyou so much. Full marks to product and the delivery. Thanks Amazon

  7. Nancy Ophir Augustina

    Superb but before you buy check your tap’s lengthMy hair stops falling and dandruff alsoo decreased and it is worth the price,the quality is best too….thanks Amazon…….😊

  8. Mitesh

    This filter purify water perfectly and also make it soft and tastes great but its not for drinking qater purpose.

  9. Loyson Mascarenhas

    Good filter. Quality as per the price. Requires basic plumbing knowledge (No .rocket science) to fix this. Go for it, instead of cheap filters

  10. Bhaargavi i.

    Upto the price

  11. Rahul kumar

    On time delvery.Packing is good .Very Easy to setup.It is a very good product to filter hard water.

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Purifit Advanced Shower and Tap Filter with Extra Cartridge
Purifit Advanced Shower and Tap Filter with Extra Cartridge
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Purifit Advanced Shower and Tap Filter with Extra cartridge
Original price was: ₹2,300.00.Current price is: ₹1,799.00.