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Purifit Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets

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Purifit Tornado 360° Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Reduces Effects of Hard Water

Temperature Flexibility

360° Swivel Spout

Moveable Handle

Multi-Function Spray Head

Easy Installation

50 in stock

Purifit Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets

Your Kitchens are about to turn even more hygienic with the All New Purifit Tornado Kitchen Faucets. It’s Super easy to install and comes with a moveable handle that can be used for washing kitchen utensils as well as for cleaning of fruits and vegetables before cooking.

Reduces Hardness Levels of Water

This Kitchen Tap by Purifit reduces impurities and harmful contaminants found in hard water. It gives clean water that’s safe to use for washing utensils and also doesn’t harms your skin

Spray Head with 2 Modes

360 degree Kitchen Faucets by Purifit comes with an easy to use spray head that you can simply pull down. This Spray has 2 modes: Centre Spray and Circular Spray. Centre Spray of water can be used to remove tough stains and quick cleaning. And the circular spray for easier washing and cleaning. With 2 buttons you can use any of the spray heads very easily.

Works with Hot & Cold Water

Now enjoy quick cleaning of your dishes with hot and cold water from the same kitchen faucet by Purifit. This faucet comes with temperature flexibility and adjusts to both hot and cold water.


Purifit Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets

Purifit Tornado 360 Degree Kitchen Faucets are specially made for quick and easy washing of utensils and these faucets also reduce hard water effects on your kitchen sink. 

How is Purifit Kitchen Faucet better than Normal Tap

Normal taps supply hard water and chlorine infected water that deposits limescale on your utensils. Moreover, this hard water also affects the fruits and vegetables that you wash before cooking. 

But Purifit Kitchen Filter removes the contaminants and supplies safe-to-use water for cleaning and washing purposes.

How to install Purifit Kitchen Faucet

It’s pretty easy to install Purifit Kitchen Tap for your Kitchen Sink. Please refer to the video guide for installing this faucet on your kitchen sink. Once installed you’ll find it easy to turn this tap in a 360 degree direction. And then also use the dual mode spray for multiple washes. Or please consult your plumber to do it for you.

Multipurpose Kitchen Faucet by Purifit

Sleek design and smooth surface makes this Purifit Kitchen Faucet the best tap for washing utensils and cleaning food items before cooking or consuming them.

This Kitchen faucet comes with a moveable handle and can also be used by Hotels, restaurants and Cafes.

Purifit Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets
Purifit Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets
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Purifit Tornado 360° Kitchen Faucets
Original price was: ₹4,999.00.Current price is: ₹4,449.00.