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Purifit Shower Head Filter Cartridge


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Reduces effects of Hard Water on Hair & Skin

Protects Skin

Improves Hair Health

Removes Chlorine

Eliminates Odor

Balances Minerals

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Purifit 15 Stage Shower Head Filter Cartridge


Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

Enjoy good hygiene and good skincare for all seasons with Purifit Shower Filter Cartridge. Loaded with 15 Layers, this shower head filter cartridge promises clean water for up to 8 months or 40,000 liters (actual life may vary depending on usage and water quality).

Enjoy Smooth and Clean Water with Purifit Shower Head Filter Cartridge

With this Shower Filter replacement cartridge, your shower delivers smooth and clean water only after going through multiple filtration levels that remove Chlorine (up to 98%), Hard-water salts and microscopic Heavy metal elements.

Shower Filter Cartridge that helps control hair fall

Moreover, this Shower Filter Cartridge has also been given a New Vitamin-C layer that instantly enriches water. This purified water further becomes a part of good skin care practices and even helps control hair fall and skin texture by eradicating hard-water salts from the water.

Shower Head Filter Cartridge for Clean Bathing Water

At both the ends, this shower head filter cartridge has Stainless Steel Mesh that gives you double surety of getting clean bathing water that’s free from all kinds of unwanted finer particles.

PLEASE NOTE: Purifit Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge is specially designed and customized for use in Purifit Shower Filters only. We request you to avoid fitting this shower cartridge with any other shower filters.

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14 reviews for Purifit Shower Head Filter Cartridge

  1. Mujeeb

    Easy to install, good quality material, clear instructions and hopefully it works well in the long run.

  2. Aadera

    This is very useful excelant product very useful value for money

  3. Kiran devi

    Nice to use

  4. Ketan

    Very useful where hard water used for the shower.We installed it recently in our shower and used for 2 days.Results are good.

  5. Annya

    Good quality cartridge. 15 Layer Cartridge which Removes 98% Chlorine, Reduces Effects of Hard-water & Prevents Bacteria. It also has Vitamin C Layer to Improve the Quality of Your Skin & Hair. Reduced Hair fall and Improved Skin Texture.

  6. sanyam

    Really easy to install shower head filter. Anyone could have installed it without any experience. It has 15 layer cartridge which purifies the water. It looks really durable and good quality product.

  7. Shlok

    This cartirage is very easy to install and use.it removes chlorine from water and removes it’s hardness so water became safe to use for bathing. So overall very good product and useful.

  8. hemank kumar

    I am getting cleaner shower after installing it & its easy to install

  9. Sabin Jijo

    It Looks Premium , Very Easy To Install, Quality Also Very Good.. nd i hope it will long last Totally Satisfied

  10. Tanuj Purohit

    I noticed my hair has been falling out more than it should these past few months. I considered a shower head filter because we have chlorinated water, and its gotten pretty hard as well. After 3 washes, I noticed my hair has become more manageable, softer, shinier and less dry! As for the hair fallout? I only had a few strands in my hand! Our skin is less dry, and looking forward to less bathroom cleanups with the reduction of limescales! Easy to install. Only concern is that it may be too long for some showers, ours was fine as we used it as a tap filter.

  11. Amazon Customer

    It is a useful product. However, a bit pricey to change the filter almost every 6months or so. With hard water in the area it is essential to get such filters.

  12. Dixit Sethi

    The product quality is very durable and good its easily installed and working perfectly..its cleans water and working perfectly

  13. Ankur Srivastava

    Bought this for my home in Jaipur. We use ground water and it is very hard. I can see the difference in 2 washes itself.Very easy to install.

  14. jay upadhyay

    Nice product

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Purifit 15 Stage Shower Head Filter Cartridge
Purifit 15 Stage Shower Head Filter Cartridge
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Purifit Shower Head Filter Cartridge