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Purifit Washing Machine Filter

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Affordable Filter for Shielding Clothes from Hard Water Effects

Reduces Effects of Hard Water

Prevents Limescale

Removes Sediments and Hardness

Easy to Install

Water Softener

Better Lifespan of Clothes

23 in stock

Purifit Washing Machine Filter

Washing Machine Filter for Clean Clothes

Hard water causes fading and eventually you observe lime scales on your clothes. And the best way to save your clothes from hard water deposits- Purifit Washing Machine Filter. This filter comes with a cartridge that has high grade polyphosphate crystals that remove hard water salts and other impurities that are found in running water. 


Best Filter for Use with Washing Machine

Purifit Water filter for washing machine ensures that the tap water gets free from minerals and sediments that otherwise go on to create limescale deposits in the washing machine and on clothes. It removes all these minerals and impurities so that your washing machine keeps working smoothly without any need of frequent repairs and maintenance.


Works as Water Softener for Washing Machine

By reducing the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water, Purifit washing machine water filter, contributes to water softening. Soft water prevents the negative effects of hard water on fabrics, making your laundry cleaner and brighter.


Purifit Washing Machine Filter

Is Purifit Washing Machine Filter compatible with all Washing Machines

The filter is compatible with both automatic top-loading and front-loading washing machines, making it versatile for various brands. In washing machine filters, the use of polyphosphate crystals helps maintain water quality, prevent scale buildup, and protect the appliance from potential damage.


Will this Water Filter give Clean and Pure Water

It’s important to note that the washing machine filter does not clean or purify the water. Instead, it focuses on improving water quality by preventing scale buildup and protecting the appliance. The effectiveness of polyphosphate crystals may vary based on factors such as water quality, usage, and the concentration of minerals in the water. Regular maintenance, including replacing the filter cartridge containing polyphosphates, is crucial for sustained performance.


What is the Cartridge Life of these Washing Machine Filters

The cartridge’s life is as follows: Top Load: 4 to 6 months, Front Load: 6-9 months.

The Washing Machine filter cartridge contains polyphosphate balls. These balls play a crucial role in Lime-Scale Prevention, Water Softening, and Appliance Protection.





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14 reviews for Purifit Washing Machine Filter

  1. Naresh chundru

    It is easy to install and I am using for Bosch 8kg fornt load washing machine

  2. Shahid

    very useful product for washing machine, especially for salt water,cleans water before enter into inlet valve

  3. Soumya

    It’s a good product, good quality

  4. roshan

    The filter for the washing machine it’s really useful for me.It’s totally smooth, giving grateful results to my clothes also supper fitting, the easy installation makes me so happy no need for a plumber.. that’s a great thing regarding me..Just contacted them they sent a video link – watched – Installed – (Perfect customer service too 24*7)Actually, The Installation details and QR code – it’s perfectly mentioned in the User Manual. How to Install.

  5. Swafvan

    I really like to share reviews, if I like the product. I will drop positives. if I do not like it, I will inform them first. if they are not in a solving mind, I will leave my experience on the product page. I think its a good thing like a service to our society. I hope my review helps to needy people.Actually, This product makes me happy. We are in a very good city but the water system is not well, Chlorine, hard water issues its affecting our clothes. So I searched on google, and finally find out this one with a good review. that turns me to buy this product and its correct its keeping me happy in this case, Now the hard water issue, Chlorine issue is not effecting by clothes not its really fine. i don’t know how to say more technically. As a common man, i can see the difference or I can feel it.Now I can easily prefer to anyone I already inform this to my neighbor’s WhatsApp group.Dear Amazon Customers, once you’re a review checker i am agreeing this product will solve water-related issues.. a better solution. you can keep safe your washing machine filter from products mentioned issues.

  6. Jijil

    Best product with perfect installation videoThis product came with an installation video. It was so clear and easy to install and did it by myself. I had returned another one which i couldnt install.. will suggest to

  7. Athira chand

    Really happy with the product..Water is clean cloths doesnt have the smell of clorin now.. its working properly even after 2 months of use. … thank you ..

  8. Mandeep Mahanta

    Product just as described!! Perfect!

  9. Aashish

    The filter is superp. It’s transparent and that’s why you can see when the filter has to be cleaned or changed. Perfectly working with my washing machine.

  10. Suvarna Kanitkar

    Good product and easy installation

  11. Sumit Arora

    This filter works perfectly well and there are visible results while using it in dishwasher. There are no more white spots on the utensils after using this filter.

  12. Inbanathan

    Lime scales are completely reduced, this science really works. Thanks for this wonderful product.

  13. Sujit Singh (Advocate)

    The fileter is perfect for washing machine water filter. It works well and filter the tap water which contains many type of particals. Nice choice you can go for it.

  14. Akash Bammrotwar

    It is a good product. I haven’t checked the TDS of the output water to confirm.

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Purifit Washing Machine Filter
Purifit Washing Machine Filter
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Purifit Washing Machine Filter
Original price was: ₹1,499.00.Current price is: ₹949.00.