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How To Install a Shower Filter

Water filtration is a hot topic as of late, and more individuals are deciding to drink clean water through great filtration frameworks or spring water. 

While this is an incredible initial step, it’s additionally essential to consider the water we use to clean our skin. 

What is regularly not considered is the effect of shower water from a wellbeing and magnificence viewpoint. Could a shower filter be the missing part to your wellbeing and magnificence schedule?

10 Stage Advanced Filter for Shower & Taps

Purifit is here to give the best filters that give the best answer for accepting the safe and clean water to your home and work environments! These filters lessen the impacts of hard-water on skin and hair and eliminate earth, lime scale and different synthetics that are broken down in the water. 

Accordingly, giving you pure and safe water for your everyday needs, particularly for your washing and washing purposes. 

Purifit shower filters are compelling in disposing of poisons including chlorine and impacts of hard-water and other harmful substances. 

Long haul introduction to such synthetic compounds can cause various sorts of disease and skin issues. Purifit shower filters try to give customers the shower filters which produce the spotless water to improve their quality and lifestyle.

A shower filter is a water filtration framework that shields your skin and hair from dryness and aggravation by taking out chlorine and chloramine from the water. 

Chlorine is an instigator of a large group of skin issues, worsening flaws, skin break out, and rashes. Your skin normally creates oils to shield it from harm and overexposure. Chlorine takes these oils from the skin, leaving it feeling harsh and bothersome. 

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Chlorine will effectively bother any current skin affectability, particularly those of babies and youngsters. 

Shower filters decrease skin aggravations like chlorine and chloramines from your shower water by going them through filtration media like KDF.At the point when chlorine content is wiped out, the water is a lot gentler on your hair and skin and does no longer bears a brutal substance smell.

Steps to install a shower filter.

1. Unpack and unwrap the box. The box includes a filter, 2 filter cartridges, one Teflon tape and 2 washers. Inside the filter you will have a filter cartridge and inside the box an extra one.

2. Disconnect your showerhead from the shower arm & clean the thread with dry cloth to remove any debris. Now use the Teflon tape to wrap the thread of the shower arm to prevent any leaks

3Place one silicon ring in the top side of the Purifit (the side which is to be connected to shower arm) and wrap the bottom side of Purifit with Teflon tape to prevent leaks.

4. Align the Purifit top end with the thread of the shower arm & rotate clockwise to tighten.

5. Flushing – Step away from the path of the water, turn on the water and let the water flow out for 3 minutes through the Purifit filter. This will flush out discolored water- this is carbon dust and is not harmful.

6. The silicon ring should be placed at the bottom end of the Purifit where the shower-head end goes. Align the bottom thread of Purifit with the Shower-head and rotate clockwise to tighten. Use a spanner to Tighten. If there are leaks, check/insert silicon rings and tighten again.The shower filter is now ready to use.

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We all know how important it is to drink enough water and to filter it out to avoid harmful chemicals but did you know that the water you shower with can be just as harmful?

Unfiltered shower water can contain a variety of synthetic substances like chlorine just as microbes and parasites from the shower head. 

Also, your skin actually drinks everything up. So it is really important to install a shower filter in this current era.

How Shower Filter Helps to Prevent Hair Fall

shower filter for hair fall
Photo by tamara bellis

Water filtration has been a popular topic, and more people have chosen clean water via high-quality water filters or spring water for bathing purposes. Although this is a necessary step, it’s also vital to consider both the water we ‘re using to clean our skin.

The impact of shower water from a health and beauty perspective is often not perceived.

Can a shower filtration system be the missing part of your hair and skin’s daily schedule?

Hair loss has already become a big issue for women. There are quite a variety of explanations behind it. That involves dirty water and not taking proper care of your hair.

As women put great emphasis on their hair, we’re talking about how shower filters for hair fall can help them to prevent hair loss and the best way to do it and make the most of it.

In reality, shower filters protect both skin and hair by eliminating pollutants from the water.

Whenever you take a hot shower,  the pores mostly in the scalp start opening, resulting in increased uptake of chlorine. As a consequence, the acidity on the scalp, and the frequency of hair loss rises. 

This has a long-lasting impact on the hair to make it lose strength and gradually disintegrate and fall.

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Thus, the cure for dry scalp and thinning hair is to stay out of regular showers and use a shower filter to remove a large proportion of contaminants such as chlorine, minerals, and microbes present in them. The great thing about all of these filtration systems is they’re not going to cost a lot either.

Why Do We Need Shower Filters at Your Home?

shower head filter for hard water

Research has already shown that numbers one reason for dry, itchy skin and weak hair seems to be the water that runs into our homes.

Most of us have noticed improvements in how our skin and hair feel after showering in numerous locations and places.

Various individuals have developed kinds of water, and these water supplies represent various minerals and chemicals — you’ve all heard the words of soft and hard water thrown around each other. 

Although this is a much broader subject than this post requires, one of its items in water that can be especially harmful to skin and hair is chlorine. 

Chlorine is applied to the baths to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other things that may be harmful to human health. 

In certain countries, chlorine (or chloramines) is applied to the drinking water for the same purpose.

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Working of Shower Filters

hard water shower filter

There will be 4 types that are widely used in shower filters. 

KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is perhaps the most effective and widely used process in filters. And is used in most such household-installed shower filters and has the maximum copper-zinc alloy count.

It helps to generate an electrical charge while the water is in moving motion. 

These electrical charges generated then end up running through the water, which helps to eliminate impurities and therefore free up chlorine. 

 KDF also eliminates other harmful impurities, such as iron, lead, and other chemicals, which are present in very small amounts in the water flow.

The most toxic metals throughout the water are also eliminated by using a shower filter even though they are in small amounts and the water is made clear of chlorine, which means that even though the pores of the scalp are opened, there is no issue and guarantees that there is no further hair loss and skin irritation related to the use of the shower.

Purifit Shower Filters for Hairfall & Skin Care

shower filter prevents hair fall

Purifit is here to provide all the best filters that will provide the best option for healthy and clean water in your offices and homes! 

These filters minimize the effects of hard water on the skin and hair and eliminate salt, limescale, and other contaminants that are soluble within the water. This gives you fresh, clean, and healthy water with your daily needs, particularly for the purpose of washing and bathing. 

As a result, shower filters are the most affordable way of avoiding hair loss and dryness in the scalp. It also has significant health benefits, as it removes toxic contaminants in the water. 

There are also several advantages in the usage of shower filters and they can be used to improve the success of the patient household.

Benefits of Using Shower Filters

  • Remove chemical impurities quickly
  • Secure your skin
  • The risk of developing diseases such as cancer is low
  • Healthy mental and physical well being.
  • The environment of the house is new and preserved.

In almost every case, you’ve been thinking if installing a shower filter is quite important, so now you’ve got your answer. 

Chlorine and or chloroform are essential for the treatment of water supply; that can be very unhealthy. You may use this water for things apart from bathing and taking showers. 

Ingesting or absorbing water through your skin can contribute to these complications. And as such, you should take the finest opportunity to eliminate all chemical impurities in your bath water by using the perfect shower filters on the marketplace. 

These filters come in a range of styles, efficiency, and costs. Do some homework and find the right one for you.

Why Chlorine in Water is Harmful and Can Cause Cancer


What if we told you that this blog will shake your beliefs on the water you use ?

Sounds surprising. Right?

So, let’s take a lil drive back in time.
A time when we were attending science classes at school. Such a good time it was.

And those were the moments when our general science lessons should have made us learn, on how we are all using water that’s unhealthy for many a reasons.

chlorine free water
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov

Part of this problem is a chemical that’s invisible to our eyes.

But here’s a shocker- Without using this chemical, your water cannot be free of bacteria and waterborne diseases.

And here comes the obvious question. Which chemical is used to treat water?

Its’ none other than “Chlorine”.

Well, we were just taught that chlorine is used to clean swimming pools or it is used to disinfect water. That’s it.

Should we need more? Of course. In today’s time we have to.

After Covid-19 outbreak we have learnt a great deal that health & hygiene should be our topmost priority.

health and hygiene
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto 

Well today, Purifit reveals the unknown truths of chlorine inside your water that harms your health in the long run.

First let’s take a quick ride of the basics.


Chlorine is a chemical that’s used as a disinfectant for drinking water and swimming water. It gains a significant value because chlorine is added in water, to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.

Photo by HowToGym

This process of treating water with chlorine is known as “Chlorination”. 

And chlorination helps in preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

Today, chlorination has become a very popular method of disinfection and is used for treating water all around the world.

But, is it harmful to us?

Well, as per safewater.org

“In drinking water, the concentration of chlorine is usually very low and is thus not a concern in acute exposure. More of a concern is the long term risk of cancer due to chronic exposure to chlorinated water.”

Sigh, the second sentence on chlorine as a cause of cancer, is a hard-hitting truth.

But in our modern world, we have made good progress to get you rid of diseases caused by chlorination. Purifit assures you that you have landed at the right spot where we’ll offer you good reasons to easily filter out chlorine from the water you use every day.

But, here’s another one.


Here, in India, municipal bodies have this responsibility to disinfect the water that’s supplied to our home.

And the most common disinfectant they use is “chlorine”.

water supplier
Photo by Marcin Jozwiak 

Its’ because chlorination process is easy to implement as compared with other water treatment methods. And chlorination is used to kill bacteria, viruses and other microbes in water.

N.B. No one shares the water quality report with Indian Citizens. As there’s no framework setup for sharing the parameters of potable drinking water with the Indian citizens. The only progress witnessed is the formation of a draft policy. This policy recommends to set up water testing labs at district, state and national levels.

how chlorine effects
Photo by Siavash Ghanbari

And how do they use chlorine in water? Let’s answer this.


To your surprise, the common types of chlorine used for disinfecting water, exists in three forms:

Chlorine Gas (Cl2) : Least expensive form of chlorine in gaseous state

Calcium Hypochlorite Ca(ClO)2 : Powdered form of chlorine that’s used for water purification of both, wastewater and drinking water. It’s even used for disinfection of swimming pools. Also available in tablet form & easily dissolves in water.

Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) : Available in Liquid form, it has a light yellow color and has strong odor of chlorine.

And here comes the bigger question of concern:


So, if you are drinking water or taking a shower, you have no time or reason to think on how pure the water is. And the chances are high, that the water contains harmful elements and unwanted levels of chlorine.

how chlorine harms your health
Photo by cottonbro 

It’s an open secret that we get exposed to chlorine in multiple ways.

Very common are:

  • Drinking and Eating
  • Breathing the fumes created by chlorine, and
  • Absorption through skin, eyes, nose, and ears

Well, there’s an alarm of concern too- Long exposure to chlorine leads to production of free radicals within human body. These free radicals are known to be the cause of cancer.

They even damage the cellular barriers of our lungs.

DID YOU KNOW: According to U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, “Risk of Developing Cancer is 93% higher among people who drink or are otherwise exposed to chlorinated water than those whose water does not contain chlorine”.

But wait. There’s something very shocking to learn-

“Chlorine used in water reacts with organic matter present in water and gives rise to a disinfection-by-product (DBP) called as Trihalomethanes (THMs).

These chemicals are associated with serious health effects such as cancer and adverse reproductive outcomes.”

And this is just one serious illness. There are more visible symptoms that are caused due to the exposure of chlorine. Let’s see which ones.


We found the most common symptoms reported among humans to be:

  • Breathing Difficulty : Inhalation of Chlorine Gas(chloroform) goes directly into our blood stream.
breathing difficulty because of chlorine
Photo by Brandon Nickerson

Inhalation of chlorine may also cause asthma and bronchitis.
These illnesses don’t show up initially, but with passing of time and use of unfiltered water, you’ll find difficulty in breathing caused by the breathing of toxicity of chlorine gas.

  • Irritation in Eyes : You’ll observe temporary symptoms, like redness in your eyes and blurriness. Well, red eye is the result of dehydration caused by chlorine when it removes the tear film of your eyes.
chlorine harms eyes

While, Conjunctivitis has also been reported to be caused due to chlorine.

  • Irritation of Skin : Our skin absorbs chlorine while bathing and showering.
irritation of skin caused by chlorine

More so, when we are bathing with hot water, our skin pores are opened up. This leads to absorption of chlorine and other chemicals present in water that eventually cause irritation on your skin.

  • Cough & Sore Throat : People with sensitive airways or allergy to chlorine may experience this issue of coughing while exercising or while laughing.

You’ll also find runny nose and sneezing.
That’s why it is recommended to take a shower before and after using the swimming pool.

allergy to chlorine
Photo by cottonbro 

Moreover, it is always advised to install a shower filter with an activated carbon layer. Coz this carbon filter with charcoal granules, performs molecular bonding of chlorine ions with the charcoal.

Thereby, assuring you a flow of clean & healthy water for your family.

  • Congestion & Tightness in Chest : Since chlorine is a toxic irritant for our respiratory system, it may cause damage to our respiratory tract and nasal passages.
chlorine harms health
Photo by freestocks.org

Inflammation and obstruction of airways causes chest tightness and congestion. And then the patient requires treatment similar to the one prescribed by Asthma patients.

You’ll find less concentration of chlorine in drinking water. And that’s not a concern. But due to chronic exposure to chlorinated water, there are higher chances of carcinogenic elements leading to cancer in long term.

Well, it becomes really important to note that Amount of chlorine used is dependent on the amount of impurities present in water. In some cases, the water will need greater amounts of chlorine. While, in other cases the water will need lesser amounts for disinfection


Well, there are several popular methods that promise of water that gets free of chlorine and chloramines after you boil the water or treat it with expensive treatment systems.

But after an extensive research, Purifit team would recommend you to try a Shower Filter with Activated Carbon layer in it.

But why a shower filter?

Because there are multiple Benefits of a Good Shower Filter.

purifit shower filter features

And foremost of them is-

A shower filter has Carbon Layers that, up to a large scale, remove 95% of chlorine, chloramines, bad odor, Trihalomethanes(Cancer causing elements) and other harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

It is also enriched with KDF(Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filtering method.

This method uses copper-zinc alloy to convert free chlorine to chloride by performing oxidation.

And now the obvious question comes up.


Well, it’s a perfect answer for getting clean water for use while bathing, showering and swimming.

But we use water for various other applications too. From taps that are used for drinking water and the taps that are used for supplying water for washing clothes.

And at Purifit, we care for all your needs to ensure a clean water supply at your homes, offices, restaurants, schools, etc.

We do it by offering:


Explore & Book yours today from www.purifit.in or www.amazon.in and enjoy free shipping anywhere across India.

Enjoy Healthy Water.
Enjoy Healthy Life.

We hope that this blog has shared all important details on how you can remove chlorine from water and ensure good health for your family.

Please do share it with your friends and family and help them learn the harmful impacts of chlorine and how they can get clean & healthy water.

And at Purifit, we are dedicated to listen to the reviews of our blog readers, clients and all our patrons.

Feel free to write to us anytime at care@purifit.in and we’ll welcome all your queries with open arms.

Good Day Fellas.

healthy living
photo by Alexas_Fotos 

Disclaimer : This is a promotional content and helps with general knowledge of the public when it comes to using clean water for bathing and other uses. All the facts and statements presented here, are also available to the public at large on all the platforms, blogs, social media and wholly on internet. If you experience or even feel like experiencing any of the diseases and health issues stated here, please refer to a dermatologist or the concerned health expert. In no way should this material (whole blog) be substituted as a health advice.


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