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How To Install a Shower Filter

Water filtration is a hot topic as of late, and more individuals are deciding to drink clean water through great filtration frameworks or spring water.

While this is an incredible initial step, it’s additionally essential to consider the water we use to clean our skin.

What is regularly not considered is the effect of shower water from a wellbeing and magnificence viewpoint. Could a shower filter be the missing part to your wellbeing and magnificence schedule?


Purifit is here to give the best filters that give the best answer for accepting the safe and clean water to your home and work environments! These filters lessen the impacts of hard-water on skin and hair and eliminate earth, lime scale and different synthetics that are broken down in the water.

Accordingly, giving you pure and safe water for your everyday needs, particularly for your washing and washing purposes.

Purifit shower filters are compelling in disposing of poisons including chlorine and impacts of hard-water and other harmful substances.

Long haul introduction to such synthetic compounds can cause various sorts of disease and skin issues. Purifit shower filters try to give customers the shower filters which produce the spotless water to improve their quality and lifestyle.

A shower filter is a water filtration framework that shields your skin and hair from dryness and aggravation by taking out chlorine and chloramine from the water.

Chlorine is an instigator of a large group of skin issues, worsening flaws, skin break out, and rashes. Your skin normally creates oils to shield it from harm and overexposure. Chlorine takes these oils from the skin, leaving it feeling harsh and bothersome.

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Chlorine will effectively bother any current skin affectability, particularly those of babies and youngsters.

Shower filters decrease skin aggravations like chlorine and chloramines from your shower water by going them through filtration media like KDF.At the point when chlorine content is wiped out, the water is a lot gentler on your hair and skin and does no longer bears a brutal substance smell.

Steps to install a shower filter.

1. Unpack and unwrap the box. The box includes a filter, 2 filter cartridges, one Teflon tape and 2 washers. Inside the filter you will have a filter cartridge and inside the box an extra one.

2. Disconnect your showerhead from the shower arm & clean the thread with dry cloth to remove any debris. Now use the Teflon tape to wrap the thread of the shower arm to prevent any leaks

3. Place one silicon ring in the top side of the Purifit (the side which is to be connected to shower arm) and wrap the bottom side of Purifit with Teflon tape to prevent leaks.

4. Align the Purifit top end with the thread of the shower arm & rotate clockwise to tighten.

5. Flushing – Step away from the path of the water, turn on the water and let the water flow out for 3 minutes through the Purifit filter. This will flush out discolored water- this is carbon dust and is not harmful.

6. The silicon ring should be placed at the bottom end of the Purifit where the shower-head end goes. Align the bottom thread of Purifit with the Shower-head and rotate clockwise to tighten. Use a spanner to Tighten. If there are leaks, check/insert silicon rings and tighten again.The shower filter is now ready to use.

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We all know how important it is to drink enough water and to filter it out to avoid harmful chemicals but did you know that the water you shower with can be just as harmful?

Unfiltered shower water can contain a variety of synthetic substances like chlorine just as microbes and parasites from the shower head.

Also, your skin actually drinks everything up. So it is really important to install a shower filter in this current era.

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