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How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains?

What's Hard Water?

Hard water is present in 85% of countries like India, America etc. Hard water is generally characterised as having significant amounts of calcium and magnesium; the higher the density of these minerals, the harder the water.

Hard water is the water with a higher than normal mineral content. Hard water contains concentrations of magnesium & calcium. Hard water stains occur once hard (mineral-rich) water evaporates, leaving a grim residue on the surfaces. 

Most commonly, in the shower, users will find hard water stains on glass, marble, tile and metal surfaces. You can also notice hard water spots on your plates and clothes.

How to Eliminate Water Stains?

Did your once bright white bathtub or shower gradually become dirty and grimy? 

Do you sweep and scrub the filthy areas with no luck at all? Most definitely, the guilty party responsible for your perpetual shower dirt is hard water stains.

That’s not harmful to human health, but water quality makes soap and water less productive. Your dingy tub does not have to be a major change; you need to just know how and when to remove hot water stains. 

Whether you’re curious how to wash your hair in hard water stains, users can solve the issue with a few natural cleaners.

  1. Begin by combining half of the water and half of the vinegar in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the solution in your bathtub and shower, and wait several minutes to rinse it.

You should also simply remove hard water stains with such a paste made of vinegar and baking soda.

  1. Splatter the paste over the top of the stain and let it rest for 15 min.
  2. While mixing up, clean the scrub and rinsing.It ‘s crucial which you wipe dry immediately because you wouldn’t want the water being on the sparkling clean surface.

Eventually, you should try to cure hard water stains through using lemon juice.

  1. Sprinkle the new lemon juice on a rough water scale above the faucets.
  2. After 10 minutes, rinse. Again, remember to clean the place.

Trying to keep up with a household cleaning routine that could be quite a chore with hectic schedules that we keep running. The easiest way to get rid of your hard water stains.

Issue with hard water laundry

  • Dinginess, greying, or yellowing of the fabric.
  • Put up the soil on clothes that don’t wash away.
  • Stiff, difficult to handle fabrics.
  • Having washing machine, then use washing machine filters

Check:   https://purifit.in/product-category/washing-machine-filter/

  • A weakness of the fibres that is causing tears.
  • White or grey stripes on coloured fabrics.

How else is hard water shows its impact on the body?

Although hard water can be safe to drink, the impact of hard water on the hair , skin, and outside of the body is a different matter. 

Taking the hard water shower can trigger “hard water skin” and “hard water hair” where water can decrease moisture and carry the film behind, making them feel less clean to the touch. 

This can cause dandruff in your hair and infuriate and worsen dry skin conditions like eczema.


How to Pick and Use Wash Detergents in Hard Water

In hard water, almost all of the components in any powdered laundry detergent are added to the minerals instead of washing the clothing.

This ensures that up to thirty percent more detergent should be used and, at a higher temperature of the water than normal, satisfactory washing results must be obtained. 

And using more detergent is expensive because higher temperatures will hurt clothes and spend more money on energy bills.

Choose better washing machine filters that truly eliminate the chlorine and hard water.

How can I find a hard water solution?

That now you understand the advantages and disadvantages, you can determine what other kind of water you want most in your life. 

Purifit filtres will help you find the right balance by filtering your water and offering a suitable solution.

How Does Vitamin C Help Your skin?

In conditions of deadly viruses, we hear plenty about the immunity-boosting properties of vitamin C, don’t we?

Since vitamin C is obviously a lot more than just a lemon slice that allows your face to de-tan.

Skincare experts around the world repeatedly emphasise the advantages of vitamin C for skin issues such as pigmentation, acne marks, irregular skin tone and dullness.

Let’s discover the kind of miracles for your skincare goals that this ingredient can do.

What's vitamin C all about? How can this improve your skin?

vitamin c
Photo by GR Stocks

For the growth and development of several body tissues, vitamin C or ascorbic acid plays a crucial role. It contributes to the production of collagen, iron extraction, wound healing and bone and cartilage protection.

The dermis and epidermis layers of your skin contain high amounts of vitamin C. But, related to physical factors such as sunshine, noise, smoking and ageing, their layers are depleted.

Vitamin C intake and administration thus acts as a strong antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. Beginning to wonder what they are antioxidants?

Are you trying to find a way to make your drinking water remove harmful chemicals? 

Oh, you should know that there are dangerous chemicals in your water. They cause skin to look faded-out and old on your face, arms and neck.

Benefits of Vitamin C

1. When Orally Taken

Photo by Noah Buscher

There are anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin C . The reaction of your body to bacteria , viruses as well as other toxic objects is oxidation. 

White blood cells released into the blood chemicals that increase the flow of blood to the inflamed region.

This is why, at the site of inflammation, you feel redness, warmth, swelling and pain. 

Vitamin C for skin that will restore the normal barrier (stratum corneum) of the skin and decrease the skin’s inflammatory responses.

2. Removing corrosive chemicals from water

chemical in water
Photo by Jonas Kernwein

Chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines are added in water to kill germs and bacteria. They negatively impact the skin by destroying the top oily layer which protects the skin. 

This makes your skin dry. It also exposes the skin to the elements.

Vitamin-c is a highly efficient antioxidant that can extract 99% of the water’s chlorine and chloramines, shielding the skin from the adverse consequences of certain chemicals.

3. The removal from water of corrosive chemicals

Photo by CDC

To destroy bacteria and viruses, chemicals including such chlorine and chloramine are dissolved in water. 

They have a detrimental effect on the skin by removing the oily top layer that protects the skin. It leaves the skin dry. 

Vitamin-c is a very important antioxidant and can extract 99 percent of chlorine and chloramines from water, thereby shielding the skin from the harmful impact of these chemicals. It also exposes the pollutants to the skin.

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4. Enrich your vitamin-c skin

skin care
Photo by Jessica Felicio

In contrast, the vitamin c shower Filters has the added advantage of providing vitamin c to your skin. 

For the formation of collagen, which would be the key building block of the components that make up the skin, the skin requires vitamin c.

Vitamin that helps to neutralise free radicals present in water because of the “Antioxidant Property” Firstly, the prevention of skin disorders like eczema

5. Silkier, smoother hair

smooth and shiny hair
Photo by lexie janney

Vitamin-c also reduces chlorine, which would be capable of causing dryness that leads to dandruff and skin discoloration. 

Vitamin c Filters help the hair preserve its natural colour and shine by eliminating chlorine from water. 

In addition , it makes the hair brittle and contributes to breakage because of the corrosive nature of chlorine.

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6. Enhances mood

enhance the mood
Photo by Jared Rice

It could be surprising, but anxiety can be caused by vitamin c deficiency. 

The fact that people with vitamin c deficiency are more likely to become depressed and exhausted is well known. 

Research performed on people that suffer from low levels of vitamin c indicates that a more vibrant mood occurs when they receive an injection of vitamin c. 

Vitamin c results in a decreased level of anxiety.

6. Balancing the output of oil

oil free
Photo by Christin Hume

As like Vitamin C, in order to build a protective layer on the surface of skin, vitamin E is essential. 

This challenge helps to hold in moisture. A symptom of vitamin E deficiency may be dry, irritated skin. 

While it is uncertain whether topical vitamin E will balance the development of scalp oil, vitamin E-containing oils, such as avocado oil, can help moisturise the scalp. 

They can also assist in preventing excess production of oil.

Having the best longer cell life!

You’ve already seen corrosion on your car or your bike. In your body, as individuals are activated to molecules called free radicals, a similar mechanism of oxidation and accelerated ageing takes place. 

Heavy metals disrupt healthy cells and break them down. It is also likely that these molecules lead to cancer and heart disease.

As a consequence of natural body processes, free – radical form. Harm that significantly reduces the existence of your cells is caused by them.


Installing a shower filter is the best remedy to avoid chlorine and chloramines from destroying your skin. 

There are antioxidant properties of vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

That makes it ideal for such chemicals and free radicals to be extracted. 

As both Vitamin C for skin & and also Vitamin E  have many advantages for the skin, in addition to reducing chlorine and chloramines, because it allows the skin to create collagen, which would be the key component of skin tissues.

Check out the best shower filter for your bathroom.



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How To Install a Shower Filter

Water filtration is a hot topic as of late, and more individuals are deciding to drink clean water through great filtration frameworks or spring water. 

While this is an incredible initial step, it’s additionally essential to consider the water we use to clean our skin. 

What is regularly not considered is the effect of shower water from a wellbeing and magnificence viewpoint. Could a shower filter be the missing part to your wellbeing and magnificence schedule?

10 Stage Advanced Filter for Shower & Taps

Purifit is here to give the best filters that give the best answer for accepting the safe and clean water to your home and work environments! These filters lessen the impacts of hard-water on skin and hair and eliminate earth, lime scale and different synthetics that are broken down in the water. 

Accordingly, giving you pure and safe water for your everyday needs, particularly for your washing and washing purposes. 

Purifit shower filters are compelling in disposing of poisons including chlorine and impacts of hard-water and other harmful substances. 

Long haul introduction to such synthetic compounds can cause various sorts of disease and skin issues. Purifit shower filters try to give customers the shower filters which produce the spotless water to improve their quality and lifestyle.

A shower filter is a water filtration framework that shields your skin and hair from dryness and aggravation by taking out chlorine and chloramine from the water. 

Chlorine is an instigator of a large group of skin issues, worsening flaws, skin break out, and rashes. Your skin normally creates oils to shield it from harm and overexposure. Chlorine takes these oils from the skin, leaving it feeling harsh and bothersome. 

Read more : why chlorine in water is harmful and can cause cancer

Chlorine will effectively bother any current skin affectability, particularly those of babies and youngsters. 

Shower filters decrease skin aggravations like chlorine and chloramines from your shower water by going them through filtration media like KDF.At the point when chlorine content is wiped out, the water is a lot gentler on your hair and skin and does no longer bears a brutal substance smell.

Steps to install a shower filter.

1. Unpack and unwrap the box. The box includes a filter, 2 filter cartridges, one Teflon tape and 2 washers. Inside the filter you will have a filter cartridge and inside the box an extra one.

2. Disconnect your showerhead from the shower arm & clean the thread with dry cloth to remove any debris. Now use the Teflon tape to wrap the thread of the shower arm to prevent any leaks

3Place one silicon ring in the top side of the Purifit (the side which is to be connected to shower arm) and wrap the bottom side of Purifit with Teflon tape to prevent leaks.

4. Align the Purifit top end with the thread of the shower arm & rotate clockwise to tighten.

5. Flushing – Step away from the path of the water, turn on the water and let the water flow out for 3 minutes through the Purifit filter. This will flush out discolored water- this is carbon dust and is not harmful.

6. The silicon ring should be placed at the bottom end of the Purifit where the shower-head end goes. Align the bottom thread of Purifit with the Shower-head and rotate clockwise to tighten. Use a spanner to Tighten. If there are leaks, check/insert silicon rings and tighten again.The shower filter is now ready to use.

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We all know how important it is to drink enough water and to filter it out to avoid harmful chemicals but did you know that the water you shower with can be just as harmful?

Unfiltered shower water can contain a variety of synthetic substances like chlorine just as microbes and parasites from the shower head. 

Also, your skin actually drinks everything up. So it is really important to install a shower filter in this current era.

Skin Benefits of Shower Filter

skin benefits of shower filter
photo by autumn goodman

We’re taking a shower to get clean, but if you’ve ever thought how pure your shower water is? When you scrub, cleanse, and exfoliate dust and dirt from your body, your shower head is literally spraying yourself with water loaded with chemicals.

It might cause a variety of health issues, from dryness and inflammation of the skin to life-threatening diseases.

In addition to general health consequences of bathing in toxin-rich water, the cosmetic implications are catastrophic, particularly for anyone with normally curly locks .

It is also appropriate to use shower filters, and below are the advantages and skin benefits of shower filters for daily life

Healthy Skin & Healthy Hair

healthy hair
photo by yoann boyer

The problem with creating trace amounts of chlorine in your shower water is that it binds to the skin, eliminates moisture, and disrupts the balance of the required, beneficial bacteria in your body.

This can lead to dry, itchy skin. It may also contribute to premature symptoms of ageing, such as discoloration and aging. A shower filter neutralises the toxins, keeps the skin with a healthy softness, and lustre that is visible even the first time you use it.

For Hair

It’s the same with your hair. Chlorine strips natural oils that moisturise hair follicles and tends to leave the hair dry, bushy and scalp distressed.

Shower filters will preserve the natural glow and strength of your hair, soaking up frizz and growing elasticity.

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What makes Purifit filters different from other filters?

purifit shower filter features

Purifit Filter – Activated Carbon layer

  • Activated carbon  is most effective at removing chlorine, particles such as sediment, organic compounds , taste and odor from water. 
  • It also has antibacterial properties.

Purifit Filter – Vitamin C layer

  • In Purifit,  it is included in one layer of Vitamin C layer by adding Vitamin C balls into the cartridge. 
  • These balls will be coated with a special layer to decrease the rate at which it dissolves in water. 
  • Ensuring that it will last to 5-6 months.

Installing a shower filter avoids breathing issues

Inhaling chlorine continuously when showering can accelerate the development of side effects of asthma and bronchitis in both adults and children.

Trying to remove chlorine from water reduces these risks and avoids damage to the lungs. Any toxic chemicals contained in hard water also pose a health risk if they are not isolated from the water, by mostly means of these filters 

10 Stage Advanced Filter for Shower & Taps

In your bathing area, shower filters lessen excessive material build-up

Most of these shower filters are not very good for your physical wellbeing, but ideal for your bathroom as well. 

Chlorine and salt build-up throughout the valves including corners of the bathroom is aided by the repeated use of unfiltered water and take showers. Using such a filter will strip some of this build-up first, so that every week you do not need to clean your shower room.

You might think that including a relaxing intimate wash will fix all the problems of irritation and scratching for all the sensitive parts of the body, however the main villain may be your shower water. Using a shower filtration system will provide a great deal of relief if you suffer discomfort and itchiness in the sensitive areas of the body in which even skin is sensitive.

Even so, these are among the main benefits of even a shower head filter that will help you determine how to get such filters for your home. It’s a cheap and effective way to keep your shower body moisturized and germ-free, but then one of those shower filters will greatly help any wash!

Protect the Lungs!

protuct lungs
photo by jared rice

In chlorinated water, showering leads you to the dangerous chemical chloroform.

Whenever the shower begins producing steam, this occurs, converting the chlorine to chloroform. It might lead to asthma , bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Researches have already shown that having a shower can lead to various types of cancers in chlorinated water, and chlorine has now been classified as a carcinogen.

So if we have a proper shower filter for your bathing purpose you can be tension free.

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They are highly cost-effective and quick to replace.

Whether you are imagining that it is costly to add shower head water filters and they can be hard to repair, you are incorrect.

Many shower filters are extremely inexpensive and provide adequate protection from unfiltered water’s harmful effects.

They still last and have been for some time, but once they start losing their filtering power, they are easy to replace.

Feel the Shower filters

Toxicity to chlorine can cause physical weakness, a major illness, and reduced immune function, rendering it harder for the body to avoid allergic reactions and viral infections. 

A shower filter would get out of those extreme vapours, reinforcing your immune system, and really invigorating your body.

Purifit Shower Filter for Hard Water & Chlorine Removal

The use of shower filters decreases the risk of certain cancers.

Researches have already shown that chlorine contained in unfiltered water is absorbed by the skin and persistent absorption can contribute to an increased risk of cancer.

Toxicity to chlorinated water is more harmful than consuming unfiltered tap water, researchers also have said.

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Long-lasting Hair Colour!

photo by cesar rincon

Although a few washes would be enough to fade away some shine in the hair in chlorine-infused water / hard water, and another few washes will impact colour saturation.

It can transform pretty hair into dull hair, but even the most natural-looking, polished blondes into pond-water blondes. 

Chlorine is the hair’s enemy. By removing the harsh chemicals that strip hair colour and render hair look dull and dry, bathing hair in shower filters water helps textures, streaks and colour last much longer.

Shower filters stop air pollution within your homes.

The pollutants released in the water enter the air within your rooms whenever you step outside the shower and keep the door open, and may cause several other problems for other house members as well, particularly if you have a child and an elder with low immunity in the home. 

The installation of shower filters in your home showers considerably enhances your home’s indoor environmental quality.

Filtered water decreases fatigue and increases levels of energy.

Chlorinated water is notorious for causing exhaustion and it helps to bring back the lost energy levels by using a shower filter to eliminate chlorine. 

There are several studies that show that in just a few weeks, using a shower filter for hard water will help you feel productive and safe. In the long term, it also increases your immunity.


  • The chances of bladder and breast cancer are decreased by showering in chlorine-free, filtered water.
  • Since chlorine is a major cause of fatigue, taking showers in filtered, chlorine-free water leads to higher amounts of energy, and higher health overall.
  • The elimination of chlorine from showering water contributes in the house to improved air quality.
  • The need for expensive lotions and moisturizers is significantly reduced whenever the body is capable of maintaining its own moisturizers.

How Shower Filter Helps to Prevent Hair Fall

shower filter for hair fall
Photo by tamara bellis

Water filtration has been a popular topic, and more people have chosen clean water via high-quality water filters or spring water for bathing purposes. Although this is a necessary step, it’s also vital to consider both the water we ‘re using to clean our skin.

The impact of shower water from a health and beauty perspective is often not perceived.

Can a shower filtration system be the missing part of your hair and skin’s daily schedule?

Hair loss has already become a big issue for women. There are quite a variety of explanations behind it. That involves dirty water and not taking proper care of your hair.

As women put great emphasis on their hair, we’re talking about how shower filters for hair fall can help them to prevent hair loss and the best way to do it and make the most of it.

In reality, shower filters protect both skin and hair by eliminating pollutants from the water.

Whenever you take a hot shower,  the pores mostly in the scalp start opening, resulting in increased uptake of chlorine. As a consequence, the acidity on the scalp, and the frequency of hair loss rises. 

This has a long-lasting impact on the hair to make it lose strength and gradually disintegrate and fall.

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Thus, the cure for dry scalp and thinning hair is to stay out of regular showers and use a shower filter to remove a large proportion of contaminants such as chlorine, minerals, and microbes present in them. The great thing about all of these filtration systems is they’re not going to cost a lot either.

Why Do We Need Shower Filters at Your Home?

shower head filter for hard water

Research has already shown that numbers one reason for dry, itchy skin and weak hair seems to be the water that runs into our homes.

Most of us have noticed improvements in how our skin and hair feel after showering in numerous locations and places.

Various individuals have developed kinds of water, and these water supplies represent various minerals and chemicals — you’ve all heard the words of soft and hard water thrown around each other. 

Although this is a much broader subject than this post requires, one of its items in water that can be especially harmful to skin and hair is chlorine. 

Chlorine is applied to the baths to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other things that may be harmful to human health. 

In certain countries, chlorine (or chloramines) is applied to the drinking water for the same purpose.

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Working of Shower Filters

hard water shower filter

There will be 4 types that are widely used in shower filters. 

KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is perhaps the most effective and widely used process in filters. And is used in most such household-installed shower filters and has the maximum copper-zinc alloy count.

It helps to generate an electrical charge while the water is in moving motion. 

These electrical charges generated then end up running through the water, which helps to eliminate impurities and therefore free up chlorine. 

 KDF also eliminates other harmful impurities, such as iron, lead, and other chemicals, which are present in very small amounts in the water flow.

The most toxic metals throughout the water are also eliminated by using a shower filter even though they are in small amounts and the water is made clear of chlorine, which means that even though the pores of the scalp are opened, there is no issue and guarantees that there is no further hair loss and skin irritation related to the use of the shower.

Purifit Shower Filters for Hairfall & Skin Care

shower filter prevents hair fall

Purifit is here to provide all the best filters that will provide the best option for healthy and clean water in your offices and homes! 

These filters minimize the effects of hard water on the skin and hair and eliminate salt, limescale, and other contaminants that are soluble within the water. This gives you fresh, clean, and healthy water with your daily needs, particularly for the purpose of washing and bathing. 

As a result, shower filters are the most affordable way of avoiding hair loss and dryness in the scalp. It also has significant health benefits, as it removes toxic contaminants in the water. 

There are also several advantages in the usage of shower filters and they can be used to improve the success of the patient household.

Benefits of Using Shower Filters

  • Remove chemical impurities quickly
  • Secure your skin
  • The risk of developing diseases such as cancer is low
  • Healthy mental and physical well being.
  • The environment of the house is new and preserved.

In almost every case, you’ve been thinking if installing a shower filter is quite important, so now you’ve got your answer. 

Chlorine and or chloroform are essential for the treatment of water supply; that can be very unhealthy. You may use this water for things apart from bathing and taking showers. 

Ingesting or absorbing water through your skin can contribute to these complications. And as such, you should take the finest opportunity to eliminate all chemical impurities in your bath water by using the perfect shower filters on the marketplace. 

These filters come in a range of styles, efficiency, and costs. Do some homework and find the right one for you.



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