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How To Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

Experts suggest that the quality of water is becoming worse day by day! 

Sure you get panic by hearing this.

To keep our clothes clean, we rely on our washing machines, but it’s necessary to keep your machine in condition too….

Although the large percentage of us rely on our washing machines to keep your clothes clean and tidy, very few specifically recall cleaning them daily. Inaccurate maintenance can lead to bad performance, leakage and even breakage in clothing cleaning.

Have you ever felt that the new dress you bought loses its freshness?

Not any more! Purifit filters will rescue all your clothes and maintain its freshness and remove stain/dirt that it had.

And how are you getting your Purifit washing machine filter cleaned? 

And note, you also should first read the instruction manual for your machine and obey any instructions given. 

Check out how to clean Purifit washing machine filters that protect from hard water & limescale and use this filter by keeping it for longer years.

1. Turn off your washing machine and disconnect it.

Photo by Andrew Winkler

It is crucial that your machine is disconnected before attempting to locate and extract your filter. If your machine has one, start by moving all the buttons to a neutral position or pressing the ‘off’ button. 

  • Turn the power off and disconnect your washer from the wall socket.
  • Ensure that you remove the plug in a dry position during the cleaning process so it does not get wet.
  • You can also place old clothes or towels in front of your washer to clean up any possible build-up of water that can come free after removing the filter.

2. Find your purifit washing machine filter.

With front-loading machines, the filter would be around the outside of the washer at the corner.  The purifit filter has increased the media inside to extend the cartridge life.

Instead of using the polyphosphate crystals ball we have used small refined polyphosphate crystals which will increase the efficiency of the filtration as it will reduce the empty spaces in the cartridge.

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3. Clean the Silicon Ring with Steel Mesh!

If your washing machine has the purifit filter which has a Silicon ring with steel mesh.These silicon rings prevent entering dust particles/crystal particles inside water into the washing machine. Since it is stainless steel it won’t get rust.

  • So first you need to gently remove the first layer of the filter
  • When any of the dust particles enter into this ring, all you have to do is remove this blue coloured ring and clean it perfectly, also never forget to check  inside the transparent part.It may also contain mild dirt particles
  • Always keep in mind if the flow of water decreases it will be due to the dust/crystal particles entering these areas. So remove this silicon ring and clean thoroughly.
  • While cleaning this part itself 95% of the cleaning process is done.

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